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Our experience is vast and rich, honed through building relationships with companies across the region and the select professionals who suit them. The relationships we build help us direct our work with a stronger focus on your goals, and serve you for months and years to come.     

A Range of Solutions

Direct Hire

We deliver full-time, top talent by leveraging our knowledge, experience & network.

Contract or Contract-to-Hire

Contract or temporary hires. We make the right fit quickly, satisfying the needs for all short-term and longer term projects.

Quick Turn

Immediate delivery of talent for that unexpected need that has got to be filled today!

Representative practice areas

Administrative Support
Executive Assistant
Administrative Assistant / Office Assistant
Office Manager
Personal Assistant
Marketing Coordinator
Sales Coordinator / Assistant
Facilities Coordinator
Event Planner
Data Entry
Customer Service Reps

Human Resources Support
HR Assistant
HR Generalist / Manager
HR Recruiter
HR Benefits

Higher Education
Student Services Support
Faculty Support
Executive Assistant
Development Support
Administrative Assistant

Our Administrative & HR Team

Our team was founded to serve Administrative & HR needs across all industries, government and non-profit organizations. With our impressive 28-year tenure, we attract the top talent and clients in search of, and committed to, perfection.
Ally McCabe

Vice President

Michael Raimondi

Division Director

Jenn Grimes

Recruiting Manager

Brenda Minsky

Business Development Manager
Katie Buchta

Manager, Recruitment and Training

Lauren Weinstock

Recruiting Manager

Natasha Sheibani

Recruiting Manager

Megan Wandishin

Recruiting Manager
Phoebe Hyde

Recruiting Manager

Joshua Cogdell

Recruiting Manager

Taylor Sniffen

Recruiting Manager

Alyssa Judem

Recruiting Manager
Caroline Sarris

Recruiting Manager

Caroline Jones

Recruiting Manager

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