Life happens, and . . . the best meditation apps on the go

Life happens, and . . .

In the midst of stress (both trivial and significant), it is easy for us to either forget about our mindfulness / meditation practice
completely, or to allow the stress to get the best of us. We tend to drop the things that keep us grounded and centered in everyday life.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind for me - I have been all over the place, both physically and mentally, and it has been incredibly difficult to maintain a mindset of centeredness and positivity.

During times like these, when we’re “all over the place”, having some sort of convenient or go-to meditation tool is essential. Here are some of the top guided meditation apps for those times when you’re just not feeling up to practicing it on your own or are constantly on-the-go in one way or another.

Stop, Breathe & Think

This app is geared towards “getting to know” mindfulness. It is the perfect app for those new to mindfulness & meditation, as well as those who are well-practiced or familiar with it and might need a little refresher.

Their motto is “find peace anywhere”. Who doesn’t want and need a little bit of that in their lives? Stop, Breathe & Think offers Body Scans, Nature Sounds, Commonality of Suffering, Equanimity, and many more free meditations.


Chances are you have heard of Headspace, or at least of Andy (the cofounder with the pleasant British accent).

Headspace is a “personal trainer for your mind”. The app offers fun graphics and videos that explain the basics of meditation in addition to guided meditations focused on sleep, self-esteem, anxiety and more.

You can choose meditations ranging from 5 minutes to 20, making it easy to exercise your mind during your commute, in the office, on the plane, before bed; virtually anywhere!

Insight Timer

The Insight Timer app encompasses over 2 million meditators around the world, and the options within this gave it the rating of: the top free meditation app.

You can access guided meditations, teachers & musicians and meditation playlists, making Insight Timer great for individuals and groups alike.


“Meditation made simple”. The Calm app is all about making meditation accessible to anyone, anywhere. They also have their own blog, offer free app subscriptions to college students, and free training tools to teachers and classrooms around the world.

Calm offers a specific variety of meditations such as “7 Days of Happiness”, “Returning to Now”, “Commuting”, “Loving Kindness”, and many more.

While we can’t control the things that happen in life, we can always control our actions and our attitudes. The apps I’ve mentioned can be used to support us in self-regulating our response to what happens to us. We can all carve out 5 or 10 minutes in our busy schedules to practice mindfulness. And I can speak from experience, it is time well spent!