In Action

Boston Community Gathered to Walk the Labyrinth

On September 26th, members of the Boston community gathered at Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway for “Walking the Labyrinth: Reducing and Managing Stress.” Friends of Armenian Heritage Park, in collaboration with Hollister Staffing and HUBweek, presented a new way to reduce and manage stress in this guided walking tour of the Labyrinth. Followed by refreshments and networking at Hollister, the walk provided a great way to find insight on mindfulness, wellness, and strategies to increase productivity while also promoting the community!

Beth Mace, founder and president of the Labyrinth Guild of New England, shed some light on the significance of the labyrinth. “A labyrinth is not a maze. A maze is something that you get confused in – you have to make a decision in which way you’re going. This is one, universal singular path into the center. The way that you can think about it is when you walk in, it’s a sense to quiet your mind, […] just to chill out and relax. And then you might find that after you do that, that you’ll be able to quiet your brain. There might be some thought or idea or problem that you’ve been trying to figure out how to solve when you enter the labyrinth, but maybe you’ll figure it out when you leave.”

Kip Hollister, CEO and Founder of Hollister Staffing and Hollister Institute, gave some powerful insight on mindfulness: “Think about practicing mindfulness when walking. Between the stimulus and the response, there is a gap. It is our power to decide how we want to respond, and in our response is what gives us strength and power. And so I invite you to reconnect with who [you] are.”