In Action

Feeling of Connection & Mutual Support at the HI Alumni Reunion!

One of the most rewarding benefits of being involved with the Hollister Institute is the feeling of connection and mutual support that participants gain. The shared experience of attending one of our workshops or retreats helps foster more intimate networks and connections that participants otherwise wouldn’t have experienced. These connections, along with the desire to continue the conversation and develop into a stronger community, led to our quarterly Hollister Institute Reunion.

Our second HI Reunion on October 6th, 2016, was a night filled with fun, rekindled connections, and of course, meditation. Many of the attendees even brought guests to introduce to the Hollister Institute! We had a time of networking and group sharing, followed by our meditation. In addition to raffling off two coaching sessions, each attendee left with a gift and the reminder that “You Are Enough.”

There were many comments exchanged about the event, but this remark sums up our reunion to perfection:

“It’s always inspirational to hear other’s stories and how these principles are making a difference in their lives. I love the Institute!” MC

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