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29 Years on the 29th … Happy Birthday Hollister!

Hollister Staffing is excited to be celebrating 29 years of business!

In celebration of Hollister’s anniversary, the whole staff got together today to commemorate the occasion with a sparkling tribute to how much the company has grown since Kip started the business nearly three decades ago.

After everyone clinked their champagne flutes, Kip gave an emphatic speech about starting the company armed mainly with her ability to sell. She detailed how the company has grown from just a small boutique operation to the robust haven of culture it now is.

“I am happy we have such a wonderful staff of honest and passionate people, who care about our values,” Kip said. “I am grateful to everyone here who has helped us accomplish our goal of being different from the rest.”  

Here’s to 29 years of bringing talented individuals together, and many more!