Conscious Leadership Coaching

Our Coaches

We have a team of acclaimed coaches who understand the challenges of business. Their unique vision and approach helps learners find new motivation as they find their own core power.

Founder & CEO

Melissa Buckingham

Coaching Partner


Personal and professional challenges can be more effectively overcome through focused, independent coaching that addresses each individual’s goals and objectives. Leaders, career professionals, and individuals from all backgrounds have found transformative results working with our coaching staff one-to-one. We design and tailor our work together as we proceed, to ensure optimal impact of the time we spend together.

Where: In person or by phone
When: Customized to you. One session per week recommended (3-months)
Coaches: Kip Hollister & Karla Driskill


Group Classes

In order to move any business forward, its teams need to not only gel as individuals but collaborate and communicate efficiently, motivated and stimulated by a shared goal and vision. Achieving that level of teamwork can be daunting; creating new or re-energized teams can be even harder.

Hollister Institute’s Conscious Leadership group classes address specific challenges faced by teams as it builds a new, vibrant level of cohesion among the individuals involved. Our work with companies has helped all levels resolve interpersonal conflicts, ensure accountability, and nurture communication as they work toward a higher level of productivity and creativity.

Where: At your location or by phone / skype
When: Customized to you and your team
Coaches: Kip Hollister & Karla Driskill



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