Our Programs

Hollister Institute programs instruct learners through a unique mix of practical, theoretical, and experiential exercises to help leaders, staffers, individuals, and teams make stronger, more confident decisions, experience clearer focus, and communicate more effectively. Our coaches are all accomplished business professionals and practiced, deeply accredited practitioners who help professionals of all levels find new effectiveness every day.

Customized Programs 

Our custom programs are designed to assist businesses in areas they would like to learn and grow. Ranging 2 hours to 6 months in length, topics include but not limited to:

Some of the Benefits Participants Gain: 

  • Strengthened communication skills
  • Increased personal accountability
  • Optimized decision-making capabilities
  • Identification of personal/professional roadblocks toward success
  • Confident collaboration
  • Greater effectiveness in performance
  • Confidence in networking

Excellence Unbound

Two-day leadership initiative designed to maximize your personal and professional potential.

"Overcoming Obstacles with Ease" Series

This workshop is designed to give awareness to you as to how you hold the events in your life, and give you tools to empower yourself, regardless of circumstances.

Hollister - Effective Communication SQ

Effective Communication

Leave equipped with tools that enhance your communication and ability to resolve conflict in a way that promotes healthy, authentic, personal and professional relationships.

The Art of Feedback

Feedback has evolved from a one-way to a two-way conversation and employees are no longer satisfied to only receive feedback during an annual review. This workshop provides tools designed to close this gap.