Leadership Development

Our leadership programs are built on the foundation that effective leaders must cultivate self-awareness.

Everything rises and falls on leadership.  If you are yearning to improve your company culture and overall results, then developing your Emotional Intelligence is critical. Research shows that EQ is twice as important as IQ or Technical skills for job success and it starts with self-awareness. Greater self-awareness results in behavior and empowers leaders with the accountability necessary for success. 

Conscious leadership creates:

  • Accountable leaders who listen and collaborate
  • The ability to give and receive feedback well
  • Teams empowered to contribute
  • Individuals inspired to grow
  • A high-performance culture
  • Trust and safety

 Leadership Programs

“Many managers are afraid to give up control.  To have a lean, smart, empowered team as engaged as you are, you have to take off the manager hat.  Now we can just be a group of people working toward a common goal.  Open and honest leadership creates transparency.  There is trust, loyalty, and direction.  My people are self-monitoring.”

Frank Green, President, ExecuSource

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