Managing Stress Through Mindfulness

We can all relate to the stress of trying to balance a personal and professional life along with:

  • Projects that have seemingly impossible deadlines
  • Urgent requests flooding our inbox
  • Late night e-mails from management requiring immediate attention

In fact, according to recent data, 36 percent of workers suffer from work-related stress which led the World Health Organization to refer to stress as the “health epidemic of the 21st century”.

Employee stress costs the business community an estimated $300 billion a year as a result of absenteeism, reduced productivity levels, and employee turnover. And while we may not be able to change the reality of ever increasing workplace stress, we can change the way we respond to it by incorporating mindfulness into our daily routines.

Managing Stress Through Mindfulness is a Hollister Institute workshop that gives participants access to the neuroscience validating mindfulness and meditation as a tool to manage stress. Participants are given tools to assist them with bringing mindfulness into their personal and professional lives resulting in:

  • Decreased Anxiety
  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Increased Self-Regulation
  • Increased Focus and Attention
  • Increased Empathy and Compassion
  • Increased Resilience
  • Increased Creativity and Innovative Thinking

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