Meditation & Conversation

Regroup, refresh, regain your best self.

Meditation & Conversation is a monthly gathering hosted at Hollister Staffing.

Anyone who has experience with mindfulness understands the power and clarity of vision that one can gain from it.  Practicing it together takes that experience to an even higher level.

Once a month, Deepak Chopra Certified, CEO, Kip Hollister, hosts an evening of meditation and networking, culminating in a 20-minute guided meditation in Hollister’s dedicated meditation room.

It’s a great opportunity to meet some of the most dynamic, interesting professionals in Boston as you work together to find a new level of focus and productivity every day through your regular, guided practice.

Where: Hollister Institute
When: Monthly, 5:30-7:00pm
Who: Leaders, Career-Oriented Professionals, Teams and Groups
Coaches: Kip Hollister
Cost: Free!