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Making a Difference One Kid at a Time – Hollister at Cradles to Crayons

At Hollister we aim to change people’s lives – whether that be by helping companies find the talent they need, job seekers achieve their career goals, or volunteering in the local community. We promote community involvement and giving back, and we believe it is our mission to make a positive impact to those around us. This quarter, we volunteered at the Cradles to Crayons’ warehouse in Brighton, MA. 

Cradles to Crayons meets the critical needs of children in Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia. In our home state of Massachusetts more than 350,000 children – twelve years old or younger – will experience living on low-income or in poverty. Cradles to Crayons mission is to provide these children with essentials, such as clothing, shoes, coats, diapers, and other items to support them in school and at home. 

Twelve volunteers from the Hollister Staffing team were tasked with cleaning, sizing, and organizing the shoe donations. We sorted through over 300 pairs of shoes – finding the shoes that were in good repair and that were conducive to play.

“It is amazing how small some of these shoes are!” said recruiting manager Megan Wandishin. “I bet these little sparkly shoes will make a little girl so happy.”

Our volunteer efforts helped 300+ children in the Boston area, and ensured that they have shoes to run, jump, and play in. Thank you Cradles to Crayons for a fantastic day, we look forward to our next visit!