Overcoming Obstacles – Multi-Tasking

According to a recent study done by Families and Work Institute, more than half of US employees feel overworked resulting in 98% of employees worldwide multi-tasking. While this may seem like a logical solution, multi-tasking costs us time and money because we are 40% less efficient. In this workshop, we will explore the cost of multi-tasking as well as offer solutions that decrease stress and increase efficiency.

About: "Overcoming Obstacles with Ease” is a workshop designed to help create an awareness on how you hold the events in your life, giving you the tools to empower yourself, regardless of circumstances.

Please join us for this special edition of Overcoming Obstacles with Ease!

What: Overcoming Obstacles - Multi-Tasking
Who: For Business Professionals & HI Alumni
Where: Hollister Institute, 75 State Street, Boston
Coaches: Karla Driskill & Kip Hollister
Cost: $25 - Lunch is included!
When: 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

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Overcoming Obstacles with Ease: Multi-Tasking by Hollister Institute