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Sip Into Summer – Hollister Institute Reunion

On June 1st 2017, Hollister Institute hosted its bi-annual alumni reunion. Hollister Institute found that its program created, what one participant called, “an unexplainable deep care and affection” between classmates. The reunions reconnect the Hollister Institute community and give alumni and friends the opportunity to share major shifts they experienced and advice on how to reinvigorate the commitments they created during the programs.

“We never know what will come out of the reunions.” said Executive Director Karla Driskill. “Each time The Institute hosts this event it reaffirms the importance of the work that we do here.”

Hollister Institute’s alumni shared stories of feeling more honest, powerful, and open – marking the Excellence Unbound and Effective Communication programs as key demarcations of when they started to see significant change in their lives by reshaping how they interacted with co-workers, bosses, and family.

“I feel free!” said an Excellence Unbound alumnus, “There is a difference between being 97% free and truly free….I

mean 100% totally free. It has allowed me to be more honest and genuine in my interactions. This makes people like me more. I don’t carry fear around with me and it has lifted a weight. I feel like I have this positive energy shield around me! And I was a skeptic! I didn’t believe anything could ‘change my life’ but this really did! I am now more giving to others, less burdened by the unpredictability of life, and take every day head on!”

Hollister Institute has created a curriculum that allows participants to increase their awareness and accountability in what we call the “three pillars” – mindfulness, leadership, and communication. The Institute recognizes that there is a real need in the business community for development in these areas.

“Our business is people. The participants that come in skeptical are my favorite!” said Kip Hollister, CEO of the Institute.  “They are some of alumni that we see the greatest change in because we have given them tools to live a life they want to live! Often their skepticism comes

from a place of self-doubt but, we change that! If someone doesn’t like their circumstances, relationships, or occupation we teach them that they are in control. You always have a choice.”

The Institute focuses on addressing the gaps and breakdowns professionals have in both their personal and professional lives. One of our past participants believes the Excellence Unbound program allowed her to take the blinders off and recognize the areas she needed to shift to make her business succeed.

The night ended with a meditation led by Kip Hollister that focused on the energy chakras of the body.  Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, increase focus, and build emotional intelligence making it a key component of mindfulness. The Sip into Summer Alumni event was a huge success! We thank all of the alumni that came and shared! Can’t wait for the next one.