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Hollister Named a Top Place to Work by the Boston Globe

Hollister Staffing is excited to announce that we’ve been named one of 2017’s Top Places to Work by the Boston Globe. 

The award ceremony was held last night, November 16th, at the Boston Design Center, which is where we got the news we were officially ranked #17 in the small business category!

Earlier today the whole company got together to celebrate the recognition with a mimosa toast, and a few words of encouragement from the leadership team.

Our CEO Kip Hollister said, “What I love about this recognition is that it has little to do with me and everything to do with our team.  I’ve always said that our company is only as great as our employees, and I am truly fortunate to have such a strong team of brilliant collaborators.”

“Our​ ​winning​ ​companies​ ​are​ ​all​ ​in​ ​on​ ​a​ ​secret,” ​​said​ ​Katie​ ​Johnston, ​​the ​Globe’s​ Top​ Places to​​ Work editor. ​​“Treating​ ​employees well​ isn’t ​​that difficult,​ and the payoff ​--​​ increased ​ morale,​ ​retention, and​ productivity ​--​ ​is​ ​ huge.”​ 

Left to right: Mark Hollister, Ally McCabe, Kip Hollister, Ziad Audi, Karla Driskill

Top​ ​Places​ ​to​ ​Work​ recognizes​ ​the most admired​​ workplaces​​ in​ the​ ​state ​voted on​​ ​by ​the people​ who know​ ​them​ the​ best—their​​ employees. ​ The survey​ measures​ ​employee opinions about​ ​their company’s​ direction, ​execution, ​connection, ​management, work, ​pay​ and​ benefits, and​ engagement. ​ The employers are placed​ into​ one​ of​ four​ groups: small, ​with 50 to 99​ ​employees; ​ medium, with​ 100 to​ ​249​ ​​workers; large, ​with​ 250​​ to​ ​999​;​  and​ largest,​​ ​with 1,000​ ​or more.​ 

125 companies were honored at last’s nights ceremony. 

To check out the full list of honorees, for small, medium, large, and largest categories.