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Hollister Staffing earns a spot on The Boston Globe’s Top Places to Work in Massachusetts for 2020 and #13th on the Small Company List

We are proud to announce that we have earned a spot on The Boston Globe's list of Top Places to Work for 2020! We came in #13 among the small employers in Massachusetts.

The Boston Globe also chose to feature Hollister’s Director of Recruiting, Katie Buchta, in the below excerpt of their article, How companies are working to keep morale high when everything else is falling apart, highlighting her hard work leading our Philanthropy Committee and Hollister’s commitment to continuing to serve our community despite the restrictions caused by COVID-19.

At Hollister Staffing, a Boston recruiting company, the philanthropy committee’s next project became clear when members heard about nursing home residents suffering from loneliness after visitors were barred, says Katie Buchta, the committee’s chair and Hollister’s director of recruiting. She rounded up employees to send cards to residents of South Boston’s Compass on the Bay, where a colleague had a connection. Those with housebound kids put them to work writing notes. (One child created 3-D caterpillars.) Adults used it as a creative outlet, designing letterheads with messages such as “Keep your head up!” and “Sending sunshine and smiles!”

“A lot of us had been feeling very isolated in our own little bubbles but [were] able to still communicate with each other,” Buchta says. “Taking a step back and . . . seeing how some seniors just hadn’t been able to see or talk to anyone, it was good awareness for everyone to just say, ‘OK, maybe my situation isn’t so bad — let’s see how we can spread some good thoughts and cheer to people who are really struggling and don’t have that connection.’"