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Congratulations to our 2020 Annual Award Winners!

While 2020 might be behind us, we want to continue to recognize and celebrate the

team leaders who went above and beyond at Hollister this past year.

Matt Medeiros brings true authenticity to his work. He builds longstanding, trusting relationships with his clients and consistently goes above and beyond to meet their needs. He is patient, persevering, and reliable. He is a leader who leads by example, especially in his ability to stay driven and focused through an exceptionally challenging year. Congratulations on this well-deserved award, Matt! Thank you for all your hard work!

Kim Fortier embodies integrity and tenacity. She will celebrate 15 years at Hollister in March, and we're proud to have her on our team. She is dedicated to our company and to her clients, bringing her all each and every day and always raising the bar with the goals she sets for herself. Kim truly cares for her team and drives them to success. Congratulations Kim on this well-deserved award!

Christina Kennedy has made an immense impact on the Hollister team since day one. She cares deeply about her work, is passionate about helping job seekers find their dream job, and brings her sense of humor to the team daily. Christina surpassed all of her goals last year despite the pandemic, which is a testament to her dedication and commitment. Beyond recruiting, she is an active participant in Book Club, our Philanthropy Committee, our DE&I Committee, and Recovery Works. Meanwhile, she is a true advocate for each person who entrusts her with their job search. Through her compelling nomination, Christina helped one of her job seekers earn the Massachusetts Staffing Association's 2020 Employee of the Year award. Congratulations Christina – you are a true asset to the Hollister team!

Chris Underwood lives and breathes the values of Hollister. He is tenacious and authentic, always competing with himself to top his goals. He brings passion and energy to his division and is a true team player. This is exemplified in his leadership on the Softball team, where he led the company to a 2020 Championship win. Congratulations Chris and thank you for your commitment to making us a best place to work!

Jenn Grimes has been at Hollister for over 15 years and has become a true leader. She leads by example and is a rock for her team, keeping them committed and motivated amidst challenges. She cares deeply about her clients and goes above and beyond to provide top-notch support to each firm who entrusts her with their hiring needs. She embraces change and consistently comes out on top! Congratulations Jenn – thank you for you who are and for all that you do!

Hannah Monahan is a humble and driving force on our technology team. She epitomizes consistency and is always looking to grow and improve. She is driven, always comes prepared, and demonstrates that hard work pays off. On top of her excellent track record as a Recruiter, Hannah volunteers with Recovery Works and is an active participant in ensuring all employees’ opinions are heard so that we can truly be a best place to work. She cares about making a difference for her talent and for our company. Congratulations Hannah - thank you for who you are and for all that you do!

James Melvin is a rockstar Recruiter! He consistently goes above and beyond to reach and surpass his goals, which he did even in a pandemic year. He is unstoppable and relentlessly committed. James exemplifies tenacity, hard work, consistency, and dedication. Congratulations James on this well-deserved award and thank you for your loyalty to our team!

Christina exemplifies everything that Hollister stands for. She is one of the hardest working and committed Recruiters we’ve ever seen at Hollister. She goes above and beyond to hit her goals and to show up for her teammates. She takes a highly engaging, spirited, and passionate approach to every aspect of her job. She is vivacious and has a contagious positivity that spreads throughout the company.

She embodies Hollister’s values and does it all with a sense of humor and smile on her face. She is dedicated, ambitious, coachable, motivated and just has that “get it” factor. Her candidates love her, her team loves her, and she’s quickly made a lasting impact here at Hollister. It’s what she does outside of her “job description” that really makes her stand out. She is very involved in Hollister’s culture and is involved with so many cross divisional groups. She is a key member of the philanthropy committee, is part of Recovery Works, Book Club, and has become the point person and main contact for Back on my Feet and Operation ABLE. She also volunteers for resume workshops for the homeless population and workshops to disadvantaged groups, and attends DE&+I committees. She helped one of her (previously homeless) candidates win the Massachusetts Staffing Association Staffing Employee of the Year award. She doesn't just show up to these meetings, she contributes in a meaningful way and has made a huge positive impact on the company.

Christina – we’re excited to see what amazing things you are going to do in years to come at Hollister and can’t think of anyone more deserving of this year’s Associate of the Year award.

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