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Conexion Hosts a Celebration of Cultural Diversity

On September 24th, 2018, Conexion held its annual Hispanic Heritage Celebration at the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts offices. Attendees from all over New England gathered for a night of delicious food, music, and conversation, all of which offered them a taste of Latino culture.

Once everyone had taken their seats, Conexion’s founder and CEO, Phyllis Barajas, took her place behind the podium to introduce the first speaker of the night: the CEO of Partners Healthcare, Mr. Peter Marquell.

Peter began by expressing his gratitude for the existence of organizations like Conexion, sharing that he felt the work that Conexion is doing is important not only for the Latino community, but for the United States as a whole.

“By 2044, Latinos will make up thirty-three percent of the American population, becoming the United States’ largest ethnic group,” he shared. “That being said, Latinos are the key to prosperity in Boston.”

He went on to discuss the importance of diversity in the workplace and how embracing difference is what will propel us into a more dynamic and prosperous future.

Phyllis Barajas, CEO of Conexion

Peter Marquell, CEO of Partners Healthcare

“It’s like a mosaic – rare, beautiful, unique – how do we create a company like a mosaic?”

Following Peter was the keynote speaker and D&I Solutions Leader at Korn Ferry, Mr. Andres Tapia.

Originally from Peru, Andres shared that attending college in the United States is what first opened his eyes to cultural differences and to the riffs that they were capable of creating between people.

“Whenever we’re in an environment that we’re not familiar with, chances are we have been judged by others, and that we have also judged them.”

He explained that learning about various cultures can have a positive impact on a community, and that diversity provides us with the opportunity to introduce new ideas to each other and help each other grow.

“We need to work towards understanding each other better. Once we do that, we can begin to truly succeed as a country.”

Hollister Staffing and the Hollister Institute are proud to sponsor Conexion and support all that they stand for and do as an organization.

Andres Tapia, Author, Keynote Speaker