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Exploring The Myth of Work/Life Balance with Conexion Mentees

Hollister Staffing and Hollister Institute hosted Conexion mentors and mentees on July 17th to discuss the challenges of day to day work/life balance. Conexion, which is housed at Hollister headquarters in Boston, delivers one-on-one Executive Leadership mentorship programs for mid-career Hispanics/Latinos.

As part of the training offered to mentees, Kip Hollister led the “Creative Work/Life Balance” workshop, sharing her personal story/experience and providing usable tools and methods of thinking to overcome such challenges. “Work/Life balance is a myth, there is no such thing; there is only your life,” said Kip, stating that there is no separation between the two. As she began her company back in 1988 and had children quickly after, she wished someone had said this to her then.

Kip challenged the attendees to interpret work/life balance as one in order to create a new relationship with the types of choices they make on a daily basis. She discussed technology and how so many today are driven by it, instead

 of using it as a tool. “We let it run us.” At one point, she took the phone from a participant to model the anxiety we can feel when our device is not with us at all times. Another participant claimed she has no balance and is on the device while out with her boyfriend. Kip challenged her to go home and ask him how that experience was for him. This is the problem, when we attempt to merge work into our social settings we become disconnected and not present to the moment we are in. We need to decide to be fully and actively engaged in whatever we are doing at the time. Resist that urge to check for the messages we think we are getting from our bosses. No boss wants us to be on 24/7 and if they do, a new job might allow you to be in life more fully.

To ease stress for all the participants, she ended with a guided meditation in Hollister's meditation room. Her last comment was, "Choose wisely and consciously, as your presence in life and work requires your dedication to what is in front of you at that moment in time."