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Hollister Associate of the Year – 2017

Today the whole Hollister team came together to honor our Systems Manager, Tom Curran, who was voted Hollister Staffing’s 2017 Associate of Year by his coworkers.

The award is reserved for that one specific team member who makes all of our new faces feel welcome, crosses the divisional/department line to get to know you, contributes to Hollister being a Top AND Best Place to Work, acts as brand ambassador, and consistently performs at peak levels within his or her role.  This award is for the person who is committed to his or her own growth as well as the organization’s growth.

2017 has been a particularly demanding year, especially for Tom, as the company recently implemented a new applicant tracking system.  As part of that process, Tom spent countless hours adapting to and learning the new system, as well as training others on how to use it, even giving up his vacation time to assist with the initial onboarding phase.

Tom’s commitment to his work and relentless enthusiasm hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“You always take the hits.  You just deflect and get on things and commit.  Your heart is so in it!” said Kip Hollister, CEO/Founder of Hollister Staffing.

Tom Curran, Systems Manager, named the 2017 Hollister Associate of the Year
Kip Hollister, Tom Curran, Mark Hollister

“What I love is that you work at a high level of integrity and commitment,” said Mark Hollister, Executive Director of Engagement.  “You’re really real.”

Tom accepted his award graciously, hugging and high-fiving his coworkers who lined up to offer him congratulations.  As part of the recognition, Tom will be accompanying the Hollister team on the annual Sales Trip to Aruba.

“I couldn’t have accomplished anything in a vacuum,” said Tom, looking around at the room and acknowledging all his supportive team members.

2017 Hollister Associate of the Year


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