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Hollister Book Club: Atomic Habits

Hollister Book Club just finished reading Atomic Habits by James Clear, a book on how we can make small changes to our habits to reach our goals and eventually make transformational shifts in our lives. In the book, Clear explains that habits are like atoms- little fundamental units and patterns that repeat, and over time, they become our daily routines. Also like atoms, habits are the source of immense energy and power. If you make changes that are small and easy and layer them (like atoms creating molecules), you can get powerful results. He argues that by building a 'system' of habits, you can ultimately build sustainable behaviors that will allow you to reach your goals.

Book Club members meet every Thursday morning before the office opens to discuss the book chapter-by-chapter. This provides the opportunity to stay connected to people from different teams, who might not regularly interact. They can discuss the book, share ideas, and even brainstorm best practices. According to Ally McCabe (Hollister Vice President), book club keeps her growing. She says, "I get inspiration from my coworkers right from the start of my day."