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Hollister’s Sustainability Initiative is in Full Swing!

Since September, Hollister's Sustainability Initiative, led by Julianne Subia, has been picking up steam with weekly challenges that inspire small changes to help the office go green!

The initiative started with a cleaning and reorganization of the kitchen, along with the purchase of new reusable silverware, to encourage everyone to use what is available in the kitchen instead of relying on disposable single-use plastics.

Each week, employees learn about a sustainability issue and are challenged to make a small change to improve their carbon footprint, such as bringing reusable dishes, drying your hands with only one paper towel, or reducing meat consumption.

Participants are rewarded with office-wide recognition and "Holla Dollas", which can be saved up and used toward gift cards or paid time off.

Julianne Subia and Joanna Banegas attend Boston's Youth Climate Strike with their reusable Hollister cups.

While behavior changes can be challenging, feedback for the Sustainability Initiative has been very positive. Many have said that the initiative has made them more aware of the way their personal consumption affects the environment, and have changed their behavior both in the office and at home.

"I've made some changes for the better," said (man of few words) Steven Sousa.

According to Office Manager Hannah Wolfson, "There has absolutely been a decrease in plastic silverware, and paper plates and bowls with the purchase of new utensils and organization/cleanliness of the cabinets."

Hannah Albero shows off her beautiful mug, and her reusable one!

Most recently, Hollister employees tested their sustainability knowledge on Friday trivia, and learned about the dangers of "Wish Cycling".

Hannah Wolfson noted, “I am extremely excited to be working on the initiative to increase sustainability efforts at Hollister. My improved awareness has completely changed my day-to-day here, allowing me to make simple changes such as utilizing my reusable water bottle, and consistently recycling my K-cups. These small changes can go a long way, and I am eager to continue getting Hollister employees on board with this essential initiative!”

"I used to feel very cynical about climate change, it seemed like an insurmountable problem," said Julianne Subia. "Experiences like this, where every one changes their behavior bit by bit, give me hope. When I see us working together, learning how to care for our planet a little more than we did yesterday, I can see our progress. I'm proud of my Sustainability Initiative and can't wait to see it grow!"