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How Establish a Work From Home Routine

While working from home has been an increasing trend in recent years, as the world grapples with COVID-19, it has become the new normal for many of us (including our team at Hollister). Working from home once in a while might not take a lot of effort, but building a new routine to last for a longer period can be challenging. Here are some tips that will help you establish your work from home routine so that you can stay safe and productive.

1. Do Your Morning Routine

Waking up and jumping directly into work doesn't allow you to get into a productive mindset. If you take some time to wake up and do something non-work related, such as making your bed and making breakfast, you will give your mind some time to get moving before you dig into your work tasks.

2. Set up a Dedicated Work Space

While sitting with your laptop in bed sounds fun, it won't help you focus on your tasks and get very much done. Setting up a dedicated work space will help you separate your work from your home, allowing you to keep focused when you need it, and relax after your day is done.

3. Minimize Distractions

While turning on the TV for some background noise might seem harmless, it can be more distracting than you think. Because your environment is already more relaxed than it is in the office, home distractions can be even more disruptive than you might think. Make sure your work space is clean, so you're not thinking about your chores instead of the tasks at hand.

It can be extra tempting right now to constantly check the news for updates on COVID-19. Try to set dedicated times to check on the news, and focus only on reputable sources like the CDC and the World Health Organization.

If you are working from home with children, read this article for more specific tips!

4. Stay in Touch with Your Team

Working from home can feel isolating, especially in combination with social distancing. Check in on your teammates regularly to make sure that projects are on track, or to take a coffee break and clear your head.

At Hollister, we've been keeping up our group meditations and Friday trivia over Zoom, and we also made a collaborative Work From Home Spotify playlist. These small things can help maintain team spirit and company connection, even when the team is remote.

5. Take a Break!

Just like at the office, sitting in front of your computer all day can make your mind foggy. At home, a whole day can go by before you realize you haven't left your house. Go for a walk to stretch your legs and get some fresh air, make yourself lunch and eat it away from your computer, meditate, or take advantage of being home by taking a dance break.