Leadership Team

David Gracia, Vice President of Technology Staffing

David Gracia

David Gracia began his career in the staffing industry more than 15 years ago as Recruiter, Account Manager, and Sales Manager.  During this time he learned much about the intricacies and nuances of the staffing industry from the bottom up.  David has built a reputation for success and has delivered high-quality IT staffing services to some of the country's most reputable companies. He joined Hollister Technology as the VP of Technology Staffing, where he intends to continue the mission of delivering direct, personalized services in the face of an increasingly impersonal marketplace.  David believes strongly that, though the pressure to commoditize the placement of human capital is real, staffing any position of importance requires integrity and a passion for building relationships.

David grew up in Mattapoisett, MA and is a two time graduate from Providence College where he received his BA and MBA. He is married to an incredible woman and a father to three incredible kids. He loves boating, is an avid skier and is involved in his parish community as a faith formation teacher.