Leadership Team

Mark H. Hollister, Executive Director of Engagement/Marketing

Mark Hollister

Mark Hollister has worked in multiple industries (publishing, travel, healthcare, staffing) building marketing and engagement programs that are designed to create exceptional and memorable experiences for those who interact with the brand. He is skilled at recognizing opportunities and implementing efforts that personalize a business, its culture and all the people who engage with the company, internally and externally. At Hollister, in addition to overseeing our marketing and brand development efforts he has built the client and candidate engagement program which includes regular surveying, communication and exploration of our performance in the marketplace. He directs the online growth strategy, web development and site optimization including development of resource center, blog, social media and creation of channels for inbound marketing.  Mark also oversees the management of the companies ATS/CRM database.

He is experienced at producing highly targeted communications and campaigns that share the brand essence. He is a strong team and relationship builder who creates effective business partnerships and a culture of encouragement and empowerment.

Mark lives in Marblehead with his wife and 4 children.