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Congratulations Gianni on your 2017 MA Staffing Employee of the Year WIN!

The Massachusetts Staffing Association announced its official selection for the 2017 Massachusetts Staffing Employee of the Year on September 18th, and we are excited to share the winner was one of Hollister Staffing’s very own—Gianni Reid!

Gianni overcame some serious adversity before he enlisted the help of Hollister Staffing recruiter Taylor Sniffen to land his current perm position.  It is purely through Gianni’s determination, optimism, and can-do attitude that he has achieved such great heights, and we are so proud to stand at his side as he receives such well-deserved recognition.

To understand why Gianni is truly such an exemplary person, and why it was so obvious to us that he should be named Temp of the Year by the Massachusetts Staffing Association, you can read his story in full below.

Gianni Reid with Hollister Staffing, Contract Administrative & HR team members Micheal Raimondi, Katie Buchta, Caroline Jones, and Taylor Sniffen
Gianni Reid with Hollister Staffing Contract Administrative & HR team members Michael Raimondi, Katie Buchta, Caroline Jones, and Taylor Sniffen
Gianni Reid accepting the 2017 Mass Employee of the Year Trophy
Gianni Reid accepting the 2017 Mass Employee of the Year Trophy

Introducing Gianni Reid...

Before Gianni Reid came to Hollister Staffing, he had no home and he had no car. 

Gianni sold his car so he could afford a flight to Boston.   He had been living in Arizona, where he was attempting to put himself through college working a variety of odd jobs to try and make ends meet.

Towards the end of his time in Arizona, Reid would take advantage of his campus’ 24-hour library just so he could have a place to sleep.  He kept that fact a secret to his employers and the school, determined to continue his education at Arizona State.

“I was just trying to make ends meet. At one point, I was temporarily homeless,” Gianni says.

Eventually, Gianni was unable to keep up with the rising cost of his out-of-state tuition, so he had to pull out.  He decided to sell his car for the $800 that would get him to Boston, where he hoped he could turn over a new leaf.

Taylor Sniffen and Gianni Reid celebrating Gianni's Mass Staffing Employee of the Year win!
Taylor Sniffen and Gianni Reid celebrating Gianni's 2017 Mass Staffing Employee of the Year win!

In need of some work, fast, he tried his luck at a few staffing agencies.  And that’s when he met a kindred spirit named Taylor, a temp recruiter at Hollister Staffing.

Gianni says he connected with Taylor and could identify with him in part because Taylor had a similar story, also having not finished college.

Gianni took every job Taylor had to offer.  Taylor would call Gianni with single-day temp jobs, sometimes with only two-hours notice, and Gianni was there and ready to work, even if his commute meant taking two or three bus connections.

“I wanted to be the first guy up to do it,” Gianni recalls.  “I wanted to put my best effort forward.”

And as he proved himself, Taylor found him slightly longer-term options:  a few weeks cold-calling here, three months covering a maternity leave there.  

 It was then, during one of those short-term opportunities, however, Gianni found his calling.

Gianni came to one job in particular, a two-week temp job at a property investment firm, and was in awe of the company’s culture—their professionalism and intelligence.  It just felt right to him.

That’s when Gianni decided, “I am going to work here,” a sentiment which he reaffirmed to his girlfriend when he got home.

Like he did for Taylor, he put his best foot forward and tried consciously to make an impacting impression.  He wanted to make the absolute best of a two-week stay. 

The job ended right on time, however, and it was back to square one for Gianni.  Taylor found him some more temp options but nothing felt like quite as good a fit.  

And then Gianni got a call:  It was the investment firm, calling to offer him a full-time, permanent receptionist position.  And not only that, they offered to pay for him to go back to school and finish getting his degree.   This was an especially unique circumstance because this company usually requires all employees to have a bachelor’s degree.  He was able to make such an impression during those two weeks that they were able to waive the policy because they saw so much potential in him. 

Upon hearing the news, he and his girlfriend wept.

“If you don’t take a risk, you don’t know what can happen,” Gianni says.

He is now a full-time employee and they’re in the process of grooming him for an analyst position, which is closely aligned with what he originally went to school for.  Back when he slept and dreamed at the library.

Gianni Reid with other 2017 Mass Staffing Employee of the Year nominees
Gianni Reid with the other 2017 Mass Staffing Employee of the Year nominees